The Turning Point: the long dark road to a new dawn

by Mirrors of Vlack

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Alt Rock / New Prog / Metal

A musical ride across dark and melancholic, yet melodic, epic and passionate passages; a concept album about self-discovery, fall and redemption in life… all through a journey from twilight to starlight


released November 11, 2016

Mixed & Produced by ANTAR AHUMADA @ Pachuca, Hidalgo, México.

Mastered by JENS BOGREN @ Fascination Street Studios; Örebro, Suecia.

All songs written & composed by Vlad Meza Escorza
(except 10: traditional song. Arranged by Meza Escorza)

Meza Escorza / Ahumada / Huesca / Díaz / Meneses


vocals, keys & programming

lead, rythm & acoustic guitars

bass & contrabass

drums & percussion






all rights reserved


Mirrors of Vlack Pachuca, Mexico

Vlad Meza Escorza:

composer, vocalist y keyboardist from Hidalgo, Mexico

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Track Name: Twilight: Nothing
Life is nothing
But a fragile

And world around me makes aware of my deep sleep
And (the) Will inside me is whispering that it’s too sick

I cannot run but send my last hope to the skies
And let my dying spirit free to navigating through the stars

It’s back to me so tired
It’s back to me so tired
Of the stars
It’s breaking my desire
It’s breaking my desire to avoid Nothing... the Nothing eats me alive
Track Name: I Feel the Dark Revive
And finally one day
I draw the line
I made my mind and tried to change my life

I’m yearning for a change of heart
I dream with future for (the) first time
But when the sun went down I feel the dark revive

They find the way to stop me now
The nightmares crawl up to my spine
No matter how I try they’re coming back to life

I try to run I try to hide
I even try to draw a smile
But all the demons from my past reborn before my eyes

I tried to fly away from the stigmas of my yesterday
(But reality always keeps me down)

I tried to run away
But it seems there’s something I still forget

They are moving faster moving faster…
They are moving faster moving faster…
They are moving faster moving faster…
They are moving faster than my will for life

The chaos of my life

The inner screams don’t cease at night
The whispering intensifies
As I remember hope can’t be a part of who I am


This underworld of mine
This underworld’s alive

I feel the dark…
I feel the dark revive
Track Name: Beyond the Turning Point
And turn around, the apocalypse is beginning on my own
It’s growing hard on my inner sense a strong feeling of rebirth

Because the path that I used to guide
Has become just a trail of a broken lines
That I swore to always keep inside
That I swore to always guide over my acts

Betrayed as deep as I can
Betrayed by the things you are
From this pain there’s no way out

And turn around the happiness, you get what you’re searching for
So tell me why if you’re finally there, you’re still looking for the road?

Because the wishes of all your life
Turn to be just a lie of your broken heart
Where you find you’ll always be the one
That will run away from all you ever want

Letting down what’s in your mind
Turning down what’s in your heart
From this pain there’s no way out

Ah – redemption is not a choice
Ah – beyond the turning point
Ah – afraid of getting lost
Ah – across the long dark road to a brave new dawn

And turn around of your gloomy path
Leave the goals they ask behind
So why don’t you ever let yourself
Be the one you have desired?

Because despite all the praise you had
There’s an echo resounding (in) your empty heart
And the only love you’re waiting for
It’s the one no matter what you cannot find

Overlooked between the lies
Underestimated man
From this pain there’s no way out


We learn to fly to crashing higher
We crucify all the essence of our light
Track Name: A Future Lost in the Past
I wake up in the morning
The eternal dream is over
The time has taken cards and raped it all

My faded tired body
My lost and senseless heartbeat
The paleness in my face is getting hard to hide

Without a fated path
The mirror doesn’t lie
A dead man’s marching and the birth of a child

And now I get things clear
The world is full of fear
The time has come and life is now so unreal

We lived again in many days lost in the past
When Time has gone and I don’t think he’s coming back
Meanwhile the Future lies forgotten in the sand
And with his final breath he’s screaming all his life like epitaph

All around is still life
I think I’m far from daylight
Caught in a moment where the things are never bright

I lost my faith at this time
My pain keeps growing inside
The tears are falling and I can’t stop screaming aloud

And now my future won’t remember anymore
The day when Present realizes that he’s dead long time ago
Track Name: Midnight: Anything
Here I am, at the middle of my life
Even when it seems to be the cliff of the final
Who really matters if there’s enough time?
I start to feel the embrace of the cold white light

What have I built, what have I done
Still isn’t worth the chance of keeping me on the road
Material grime of unimportant rhymes
Written on the faded book of the ordinary tries

How far do you think I can really walk?
With a broken esteem and the illusions torn apart
The brightest memories of a velvet child
Lay now corrupted by the inclement face of time

The swamped past of my confused mind
Bring me to the present tragedies of a mistaken path
And when the future waits for you with its rapped open arms
I’ll know it will be the hour to escape from the tyranny of… life!

If there’s no more hope, why can’t I just get out of this world?

Looking for shapes that keeps me ever down
Was everybody’s lord? Or just the demon on my own?
Am I the walk of a death? Am I the only one to blame?
Or am I just being part of an ethereal sickest game?

But lost in the waves of a coward’s crime
I stop the blindness and assume this guilt of mine
If someone condemned me to live this shameful life
Then I will condemn you to ever see me try!

No matter how melted my knees are with the floor
Whether I wanted to or not, I finally will stand up
At the end of this misery, no matter if there’s still pain
My life, with or without my will, shall recover his aim

But today, just to feel anything for today,
My mind has falling into the oblivion…
Track Name: I Am
I am the one who believes that no matter why, life deserves a chance
I am the one who strongly believes I should fight for what I want

I am the one who undoubtedly believes I could fly upon the lies
But now that I have fallen among the rest (I) finally realize… how wrong I am

Even the dreams that I settled before, seems to start falling down
Even the future I drew years ago is escaping from my hands

After years
Of vain sleep
Come to an end
To wake up
And one day
That the blood on your trace was in vain”

Down on my knees overwhelmed, horrified, by the being I have evolve (into)
Finding myself in resist of the truth that I’ll hear forevermore

“You’re no longer
The one
Who can feel
That will walk
In the air
To avoid
All the filth
While the mud starts to run through your veins”

I am blind
I am benighted

All beliefs are gone
All your thoughts, betrayed, don’t worth
All you’re fighting for
All that you meant has become…

“In something you are not”

Night after night, all the night
I can hear every second the laugh
From a sky who denies
Every ask for mercy that I cry

I’m ashamed and condemned
And I’m facing myself wonder why
Carry on with the lie
Of a life that is no longer mine?
Track Name: The Stars Will Die Tonight
"Behold the night, ‘cause we’re just like those skies: you are the light of the stars, piercing the veil of my endless dark…"

The piercing white
Pale light of night
The dark on my psyche

The nightmare’s end
When I saw her
And for (the) first time
I felt so warm

Oblivion’s path
It turns to dust
Before her eyes
To shine in lust

I offered her
In sacrifice
To let my demons
Ease their wrath

She promised me
To never leave
To stay with me
While (the) world’s torn apart

But she cannot
Just understand
That she should not
Release my hand

(Take me in your eyes)
And she put miles among our hearts
(Tell me your lies)
And then she said we are not one

That’s when your lack
of confidence
Said you are safe
Away from me

But I’ll avoid
The ignorance
That fills your mind
That makes you blind

You are part of me
You are deep in me
And you must feel
The same for me

Just simply cannot
No matter what
I’m yours and you’re mine!

Take me in your eyes
And the skies will turn to light
Tell me your lies
And the stars will die tonight

And destiny
Agrees with me
Because I’m here
Kissing your dreams

I need no air
I need not feed
Since it’s your breath
That makes me live

Oh, sleep so well
My quiet dear
That I will make
Silence stand still

The dark prevails
The stars rebel
Not for so long
Benighted myself!


And the firmament begging for our alliance
A moment of peace fills me as your screams caress my hand
My dark and your twinkling light now unite
Dope me with your last suspire, life cannot tear us apart


I will take both our hearts
And united them as one
Oh! Grey world: step aside
You do not deserve our lives
Track Name: As Long As The Dawn Stays Away
Silent screaming
Cut the night in countless pieces
Quietly, slowly
I surrender to my lids and sail on
Through the oceans of my thoughts I just sail on
While discovering the meaning of my life

My contentment
Fell aside just near to my presence
And meanwhile it sleeps you come to me for (the) first time
To complete my dreams and take them into a new style
I ‘m aware that through that faint you’re reaching me

I feel love and you disappear
In my shattered mind I notice that you are nothing but a dream

Fall in love with my fiends...

Night is moving
And again I’m waiting for delight to vanish
To meet me with you and take your presence far
To the dreams that I prepare for you, tonight
Begging for the eternal wilt of my self-pride

But reality brings me back
Taken with my sadness all my reasons to remain alive

Fall in love with my fiends...

Take me away for the veil of light
Let my willingness (be) drawn through the night
Give me hope, never leave my side
and release me for eternity and another painful dawn
Track Name: Starlight: Everything
Life is nothing
But a fragile

And (the) world around me makes me aware of apathy
The will inside me is whispering “it’s time to live”

I will not run I am the last hope for the skies
I let my rising spirit free to navigating through these lands

It’s back to me so tired
It’s back to me so tired
Of mankind
It’s breaking my desire
It’s breaking my desire to let everything to die


The world, ordinary, still deserves the fire
But stars in the sky maybe can survive
I still can imagine a dream on this shinning
Despite its fragileness, it brings me light…

Just let me live my fragile dream…
Track Name: Llorona (bonus track)
Todos me dicen el negro, Llorona,
Negro pero cariñoso

Yo soy como el chile verde, Llorona,
Picante pero sabroso

Ay de mí, Llorona, Llorona,
Llorona llévame al río

Tápame con tu rebozo, Llorona,
Porque me muero de frío

No sé qué tienen las flores Llorona,
Las flores del camposanto

Que cuando las mueve el viento, Llorona,
Parece que están llorando

Ay de mí, Llorona, Llorona,
Llorona de azul celeste

Y aunque la vida me cueste, Llorona,
No dejaré de quererte

La luna es una mujer, Llorona,
Y por eso el sol de España

Anda que bebe los montes, Llorona,
Porque la luna lo engaña

Ay de mí, Llorona, Llorona,
Llorona de un campo lirio

El que no sabe de amores, Llorona,
No sabe lo que es martirio

Yo te soñaba dormida, Llorona,
Dormida te estabas quieta

Pero en llegando el olvido, Llorona,
Soñé que estabas despierta

Si porque te quiero, quieres, Llorona,
Quieres que te quiera más

Si ya te he dado la Vida, Llorona…

¿Qué más quieres?
¿Quieres… más?